1948 Dawn of Future - UX / UI DESIGN

An immersive 3D experience

Lots of options called for a logic, harmonic, content distribution.

Each tap triggers an animation which acts as a feedback, and also adds linearity to the user experience showing clearly to the user where he’s going. The result is smooth yet quite responsive.

AboutSpace optimization

The hud displays infos about current mission status, score and credits earned and reports about teammates. It slides open when needed, highlights changes and slides back to occupy the least of space.


Optimized for every device

The whole interface adjusts its behavior and appearance according to the device performances and screen size and proportions. As you can see, on the wider iPhone5 there is no need for the altimeter to hide when the menu is shown.

Space optimization

Extra informations, such as the availability level of a weapon, are shown next to the control, only when it is used.About

See the menu in action!